Bluetongue virus – A Transcontinental Disease

If you’ve read my previous posts, you might have noticed that I’ve previously mentioned bluetongue virus, and this post is solely dedicated to that particular arbovirus. Bluetongue is an excellent example of a disease that will likely benefit from climate change, increasing in both frequency and range. Part of the reason why the BTV-8 outbreakContinue reading “Bluetongue virus – A Transcontinental Disease”

Preventing The Next Pandemic

At the time of writing this, the total number of COVID-19 cases in the world stands are 201 million, with 4.27 million deaths. According to The Economist, the cost of the pandemic could amount to $10 trillion in forgone GDP over 2020-21. For reference, that’s enough money to buy 66 International Space Stations (at $150Continue reading “Preventing The Next Pandemic”

Disease in the UK – The Impact of Climate Change

Source: Baylis, M. (2017). Potential impact of climate change on emerging vector-borne and other infections in the UK. Environmental Health, 16(1), 45-51. You would have seen in my recent posts about the impacts of climate change on disease, however those have always concerned tropical regions. In the UK, we’ve always been relatively safe, due to our temperateContinue reading “Disease in the UK – The Impact of Climate Change”

Spotlight: Environmental variability supports chimpanzee behavioural diversity

Source: Kalan, A. K., Kulik, L., Arandjelovic, M., Boesch, C., Haas, F., Dieguez, P., … & Michael Fay, J. (2020). Environmental variability supports chimpanzee behavioural diversity. http://researchonline. ljmu. ac. uk/id/eprint/14322. This study identified that environmental variability had a more important effect on chimpanzee behavioural diversity, than climate or habitat stability. It suggests that the needContinue reading “Spotlight: Environmental variability supports chimpanzee behavioural diversity”

Effect of climate change on the Neotropics

Whereas my last posts have looked into the findings of a single paper, this post will include research from several. These will cover the effects of climate change (Korstjens & Hillyer, 2016; Ribeiro et al. 2020); including a deeper look into its’ effect on primate metapopulations (Wiederholt & Post 2010), and a case study lookingContinue reading “Effect of climate change on the Neotropics”