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Disease in the UK – The Impact of Climate Change

Layers of Problems – Climate Change and the Oceans

A lot of the focus regarding climate change is on the atmosphere or the land, but we can’t forget that 71% of Earth’s surface is covered by water. The possible changes related to the oceans are complex but far-reaching and could have geopolitical changes in addition to affecting the environment. Climate change won’t just cause…

Bluetongue virus – A Transcontinental Disease

If you’ve read my previous posts, you might have noticed that I’ve previously mentioned bluetongue virus, and this post is solely dedicated to that particular arbovirus. Bluetongue is an excellent example of a disease that will likely benefit from climate change, increasing in both frequency and range. Part of the reason why the BTV-8 outbreak…

Preventing The Next Pandemic

At the time of writing this, the total number of COVID-19 cases in the world stands are 201 million, with 4.27 million deaths. According to The Economist, the cost of the pandemic could amount to $10 trillion in forgone GDP over 2020-21. For reference, that’s enough money to buy 66 International Space Stations (at $150…

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Matthew Faulder

Animal health scientist and former graduate of animal behaviour

I’ve always had a fondness for primates, but I started looking into climate change after conducting a field experiment on Cayo Santiago (pictured). Following 2017 Hurricane Maria, the islet was stripped of vegetation and since then, the behaviour of the macaques has changed. You can read about it in our article here.

With natural disasters such as hurricanes, droughts, wildfires and floods expected to increase due to climate change, we have to understand how our world might change as a result. How will different areas or species be affected? How may they adapt? These are the type of topics I’ll be trying to cover.

My interests
  • Primate behaviour
  • Cognition and intelligence
  • Climate change

Contact me at contact@naturefolder.org